10 Things to Remember When Golfing in Spain
10 Things to Remember When Golfing in Spain

written by Sean Crogie

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  • Use a GPS to get to the course it will cut down on delays. Trust me, I was an hour and half late to each course I played. With road construction, different signage and generally a different country for driving it’s going to help.

  • Find time once you’ve arrive to warm up and hit a few balls. There will more than likely be some anxiety golfing in a foreign country. So take a deep breath and relax by doing a “warm up”.

  • If at all possible try to get placed with someone that knows the golf course whether they’re a local or semi-local, you don’t want to be a single when enjoying a new golf course in Spain. Got to golf with two gentlemen from Denmark made my round at Mijas Golf Club – Los Lagos.

  • Bring some extra balls you’re going to lose more than normal. 

  • Think about using a service like Clubs to Hire where you pick up your clubs once you arrive at your destination airport and return them when you leave. One less thing to worry about on your vacation plus you get to test out a new set like the R1s I got to test out.

  • If you don’t know already Spain is hilly, mountainous you might say so get use to both uphill/downhill lies. See below picture Marbella Golf & Country Club

  • Enjoy the different grass both on the fairways, greens and rough plus Eucalyptus, Orange Tree, Lemon Tree, Cactus, Pine Tree, Fig Tree, Olive Tree, Mango, Cork Tree etc abound. 

  • Distances are in metres so conversion is a must whether you use a range finder or a conversion tool on the Internet, a definite must!

  • Don’t keep score, you’re just there to play golf and have fun. You’re not going to use these for handicap purposes for your club. So just chill and have fun.

  • Make sure you hit the clubhouse after your round; golf is not just about the game. Social time after the round to chat, have a drink and food and get the scoop on the course you just played is just as important as the “golf”.

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