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TourCouncil.com is the creation of the International Golf Performance Council – a body of the world’s foremost golf experts who work with the game’s most elite players.

Our record of achievement is unmatched: TourCouncil.com clients have won more tournaments, more majors, and earned more money than clients of any other instruction group in the history of golf. If a golfer is winning on the world’s most elite Tour our team of experts are most likely a part of that player’s team.

Our coaches use a solid evidence-based approach.

And there’s a reason why our players perform so well: our coaches use a solid evidence-based approach. We work with our players on their swing, their movement, their mental and physical conditioning, their nutrition, their recovery and their health using techniques that have been proven effective through years of research.

Traditional golf instruction at all levels of the game has been based primarily on theory from each coach’s personal experience. But the game’s most elite players have found that a more research-based approach that is backed by hard data is far more effective. This is what the foremost golf experts who comprise the International Golf Performance Institute offer our professional clients. This is what we now are offering you.

Our mission is simple:

Capture golf’s most evidence-based instruction trusted by the world’s best players and share that instruction with the public.

TourCouncil.com is committed to bringing cutting edge research and information to golf enthusiasts around the world. We offer you this instruction not only from our own members, but also from other internationally recognized expert contributors.

There are 2 groups of people who have access to golf’s most advanced instruction: our PGA TOUR players, and golf enthusiasts who become members of TourCouncil.com. If you want to eat, sleep, think, move, swing and condition like the pros, there’s no better place than right here at TourCouncil.com.

Please explore our website – and join us in our endeavor to help golfers at all levels develop their best game possible! If you would like additional information, just email us at: staff@tourcouncil.com. We welcome your questions … and your suggestions.

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