Ball Speed for Cavity Back vs Blade Irons

James Leitz answers a question from Henry from San Diego, CaliforniaQ) Is there really a difference in the energy that goes into a ball between blades and cavity back clubs? If so, why?

A) If the ball hits on the center of gravity on both clubs and everything else remains the same at impact such as delivered loft, path, speed, clubface angle etc. the ball speed will remain the same. However, when you hit a true blade off center versus a aggressive cavity back there can be a significant difference in the transfer of energy to the ball. The more weight in the club head that is moved away from the center of the club the less susceptible it is to twisting. Which means that the toe or heel of the club head is less likely to decelerate as much as a blade when it is when hit off center which will increase the ball speed.

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