Casting/Throwing away Video

James answers a question from Brian from the Netherlands

Q) My golf coach has said that I cast the club early. Are you able to explain what exactly this means and what are the most common reasons for this issue? If you have some things to recommend for me to work on that would be great as well!

A) Brian, If it is any consolation, I have fought with a mild form of casting my whole career. It is much better now than it used to be. No great player casted the club. Casting is when the shaft passes up the left forearm at impact. A more severe case is when the shaft actually leans backward at impact. Fat and thin shots are common with casting. Also tight lies are not good for a caster. My favorite drill for casting is to use a angled impact bag and deliver the shaft leaning into it. You can also use a leaning pillow or box. Video yourself doing it to make sure that the whole shaft comes into the box at the same time. You will discover that the body has to turn more to accommodate the hands to be in front of the ball at impact. Start with chip shot like swings first and verify that the shaft is leaning forward at impact and then slowly speed up the process.

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