Full Swing Golf Science

Full Swing Science

When a golfer makes impact with the golf ball, the ball will move in a direction and with a speed and spin that is determined by specific measurable variables.  The difficulty is not in measuring these variables but determining which of these variables is important, are able to be modified and will result in a positive progression in the golfer’s performance.

To successfully measure the human body, the club and the ball we require an understanding of many genres of science from anatomy and biomechanics, to physics, geometry, and mathematics.  The Full Swing Science Discipline will be managed by Mr. James Leitz.  In this section, James and his collaborators will utilize the latest in 3D, force plate, club and ball tracking systems.
Just one of these measuring tools provides an incredible amount of information that can be overwhelming and actually result in a negative impact on the player’s performance if the data is mismanaged or misunderstood.

2014-15 PGA Tour Dates


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