Junior Golf Development

Junior Development

In this section you will find articles, video clips, interviews and reviews on all areas of junior development designed to help players, parents and coaches.

If there was an ‘easy to follow’ set of instructions to create the future world #1 athlete or golfer then every parent would be using it. Unfortunately, there isn’t one. There are so many factors in childhood development and adolescence that can influence a child either positively or negatively, for any one formula to work.

Unfortunately for all parents, coaches and especially for the kids, there are no short cuts. Research in the scientific community states that it takes about 10 years and around 10,000 hours of quality practice to reach elite levels in a skill or sport.

There is, however, quantifiable research that suggests there are several key windows in a child’s development, from an early age through to adolescence, that parents can tap into to enhance their child’s development. By taking advantage of these windows, parents and coaches can optimize their child’s long term athlete development in early motor learning, balance, coordination, skill acquisition, speed, strength and stamina; as well as enhancing mental, emotional and social development.

The junior development section of this website will incorporate the findings from the scientific research into practical and easy to follow articles, videos and interviews. We will demonstrate ways to enhance your child’s long-term athletic development from infancy through to elite competition level.

I hope that this information assists you in the athletic development of your child and participants…. Who knows, you could have the next …. world number #1!

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