One on One with Doc Davies & Dave Dalton of ebars Organic Superfuel (Pt.1)
One on One with Doc Davies & Dave Dalton of ebars Organic Superfuel (Pt.1)

Ebar Organic Superfuel Bars

David Dalton, along with his wife Jan, are co-founders of eBars.  Their company creates and manufacturers proprietary whole-food (100% Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Kosher)energy bars for athletes and the general public.  One of their bars, and the primary focus of this article is the GOLF bar.  GOLF is an acronym for Golfers Organic Living Fuel.  This new category of sport nutrition is called, “Organic Superfuel.”  Organic Superfuel represents a paradigm shift in sport nutrition. They manufacture and package under one roof all their products.  They do not share equipment with any other product to insure the highest levels of quality control.

Davies: Dave, we've talked and I know you believe it's a new era in sport nutrition.  Please explain what you mean by that?

Dalton: When it comes to the general public, we see a megatrend towards a healthier, more natural approach to nutrition.  You can hardly walk in a grocery store and not see the world “organic”.  But, unfortunately, when it comes to sport nutrition, which I would describe as nutrition engineered for enhanced performance, there is nothing in the marketplace that offers a 100% organic solution.  

After all, isn’t an athlete judge by their performance, as long as it’s done within the rules?  So, as long as an athlete is not using a PED (performance enhancing drug), then it’s fair game, no foul no harm.  I get that.  But, as you know Craig, there’s these potentially harmful things called (GMO’s), genetically modified organisms, that are prevalent in most of sport nutrition.  These seemingly harmless chemicals are now being confirmed as often the cause of much disease.  

But, the general public is wising-up; laws are being passed to force manufactures to label accurately.  And, I’m happy to say, we are starting to see a “new athlete”, not just a PED free athlete, but athletes that are doing everything they can to avoid any type of GMO.   

Ebar Organic Superfuel Bars

This is the new era.

Davies: All of that is well and good, but athletes still have to compete and win.  What do you say to the athlete or golfer who thinks you are unrealistic and impractical?

Dalton: You can still compete and win and more importantly reduce your risk of disease.   Not to be funny, but I would call that a real “win win” scenario!

You can’t change this overnight, but you can start down the different path.  And, when you do, you will start immediately feeling the benefits.  It is happening at the highest levels already, and especially in the game of golf.

Davies: Before we get into the history of the GOLF bar, what's the quick elevator speech?

Dalton: The GOLF bar is a 100% organic, gluten free, finely tuned engineered performance enhancing bar for the specific needs of a golfer.  After much research we determined that There are 3 things that are critical for a golfer to maintain a high-level of performance: first, staying focused, second, remaining calm and third, staying flexible. The bar offers all 3. Finally, the best players in the world are using this as a strategic nutritional aid to their game.  

Davies: How did you get started down this path?

Dalton: The short version, I contracted a kidney stone when I was in my mid 20’s.  My background was about as far from organic as you could imagine.   I was raised in the South, where there was a lot of grease or lard as it was called, it was the era of the ubiquitous Crisco can.  I tell my friends, "gravy was a drink" where I grew up.  That was my wake up call.  Fortunately, I had a friend, Dr. Leonard Smith, a gastrointestinal and vascular surgeon, who pointed me down the organic path.  I owe that man my life. My normal annual experience of cold's, flu's, various sicknesses, including most headaches all but disappeared.  And, all I did was change my diet.  

Davies:  Alright, how did this lead to you starting eBars?

Dalton:  In 2007, I had a friend, Mandy, to whom I owe the seed of inspiration, generously send me a simple recipe of some bars she had made.  It had 4 ingredients, plus a chocolate protein powder.  I was surprised how good this simple recipe tasted, but it wasn't quite to my liking.  So, I began to tinker.   After 5 years of tinkering, and 100's of variations, I came up with the base recipe for the GOLF bar.  

Davies:  But, you were operating out of a kitchen at that time.  Now you have a manufacturing plant.  How did that happen?

Dalton: I was very fortunate to be married to a woman that saw this whole thing develop.  I had her full support and help.  We were able to pull some of personal funds and that of investors to get this off the ground.

Davies:  Ok, that leads me to ask, "Why the GOLF bar?"

Dalton:   While I was developing a sport bar, The GOLF bar was not my idea.  It was my wife Jan's idea.  By the way, she has no golfing background.  On the other hand, I come from 10 years of the golf business.  I guess I could not see the forest from the trees.  One day she said, "why don't you make a GOLF bar from this base formula", which one of my golfing friends, Steve Novotny, had humorously named the "MAN" bar. I said, "Honey, GOLF is a 4 letter word, you know I only want to use 3 letter words as acronym's for the names of these bars.  I know it sounds silly to hear that, but that is what I said.  So, she said, put a flag between the O and the F. So, we came up with GOF (Golfers Organic Fuel).  Later, we were able to trademark, "GOLF".   

I would be remiss if I did not mention that I got great council from my personal golfing coach and friend, Steve Graham.  Steve is on the front of the bar, and is the nephew of legendary Lou Graham, a former U.S. Open winner.  Steve helped me nail down what the performance enhancing components needed to be. I also got help from the men’s golf coach at Lipscomb University, Will Brewer.

Davies:  What makes the GOLf bar different from other energy bars?

Dalton:  To make this easy to remember we came up with the 3 P's.   It's Purity, it's Power, and it's appeal to the Palate, the 3 P's.  I see these 3 components like 3 legs of a stool.  Take away any one of them and it compromises the weight bearing integrity of the stool.  I believe the ideal sport nutrition bar must have all three.  First, it must be pure.  Free of anything manmade.  Free of anything genetically modified.  It must be a whole-food.  Second, it must be powerful.  It should help you perform better.  It should make it easier for you to harness your bodies potential. And finally, it must be pleasing to the palate. It's got to taste good.  

Davies: So, this begs the question, where do you think GOLF bar fares as a trend setting whole-food energy bar?

Dalton: Going back to the 3 P's.  First, when it comes to purity, we are unsurpassed in the world of sport nutrition.  We are the first to market with a whole-food energy bar that is 100% Certified Organic, Certified Gluten Free, and Certified Kosher (We are weeks away from receiving our Non-GMO Certification).  We are already non-gmo, by virtue of our 100% organic certification, but the USDA still requires us to go through the process.   Our 100% Certified Organic is not be confused with the well known USDA Certification which signifies, 95% Certified Organic.  Going from 95% organic to 100% organic is comparable to climbing the final summit of Mt. Everest.  It was a daunting task.

Secondly, on the Power.  No other sport nutrition company has been able to create an "efficacious" impact through a 100% organic whole-food source.  We call it Organic Superfuel. We also use an acronym for it called, OPEN,  Organic Performance Enhancing Nutrition, as opposed to PED's, Performance Enhancing Drugs.  Our bodies are very efficient in processing whole natural foods.  Specific to the GOLF bar, and to the readers who like me might be a little "nerdy".  It comes down to efficacy.   We have ingredients that stimulate the inhibitory neurostransmitter serontonin, and dopamine, (this produces a natural calming sensation) but this is only half of what the golfer needs, we counter-balanced it with another neurotransmetic stimulation, this comes from the excitatory neurostransmitter, and it's here that we see the stimulation of adrenaline.  If there is too much from the inhibitory, it will make you sluggish.  Too much of the excitatory, and you get jittery.  But, balance the two through natures most efficient form of nutritional fuel, which is a whole-food, and you've got a state of mind for a golfer that is ideal. Calm and focus. Commonly known as the ZONE.  

Because it’s a whole-food the effect is gradual, like a slow drizzle rain that steadily increases and finally peaks at about 4-5 hours, depending on your metabolism.  The effect is real.  There is no crash.  Your body will feel it.  Golfers say different things...  but, I like to summarize by saying it feels like you are having a good day.  Even if the day is not so good.  If this is really how you feel, even when you are making mental or swing errors, do you think this could help your game?   

Finally, as for the Palate:  Fresh organic flavors and textures translate into a great taste.  I find it both humorous and revealing that even at the highest levels of professional golf, there is a low tolerance for things that taste bad.  

Davies: I've certainly eaten your bars and that is what prompted this interview.  They do taste unusually fresh, what's the secret, if you can tell us.

Dalton:  I'm glad to tell you.  Most people I know would choose fresh squeezed orange juice over orange Kool Aid all day long, or even concentrated orange juice.  That’s how I compare our bars to any sport bar on the market. 

Our bars, unrefrigerated, have a 90 day shelf life.  Considering that they are 100% Certified Organic that is unprecedented.  This is only possible because of our proprietary packaging.   It is 3x thicker than any other packaging we've seen on a bar.  It's almost like a thin aluminum can!  There is no cooking, or baking.  We do roast the raw almonds.  After we grind them, within 30 minutes they are in the bars!  That's an open secret we are proud to share.

Davies: Before, we close this 1st part of a 3 part series can you tell us what to expect in the 2nd part of this series?

Dalton: Certainly.  Before I do, I want to thank you and everyone on the Tour Council for the privilege of being asked to do this interview.  I am, like you, passionate about what I’m doing, and I deeply appreciate you giving me a voice and exposure to your audience. So, back to the question…in the 2nd part I want to get more specific on how the GOLF bar can impact a players game.  I will share with the readers what the best PGA players in the world are telling us.  

Davies:  That brings up a good point, before we close, how is the PGA Tour responding to your bars, my understanding is you debuted on the Tour December 19, 2013, only 5 months ago.  So, how’s it going?

Dalton: Before I answer that question, I want to say that our PGA Tour Rep Ron Graham, a Tour Rep veteran of 16 years, has worked tirelessly to educate and get these bars into the players hands.   We would not have the success we have had without him.  We are deeply indebted to Ron beyond any words I could ever express.

Right now we have 5 of the top 10 players in the world rankings, and another 6 players in the top 20.  That’s 11 of the top 20.  All in all we have had 24 players on PGA Tour sample our bars, and 24 have incorporated them into their game.   I know that sounds incredulous, but that’s been the response.   We really worked hard on getting the taste right.

Davies: Thanks, Dave.  Finally, it’s my understanding you put together a special offer just for our readers to try your product can you tell us about that?

Dalton:  Yes, that is correct.  And it’s my pleasure. If your readers will click here: Tour Council GOLF we have 3 purchase options.  All with a 100% money back guarantee. 

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