Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation 

Physical and manual therapy encompasses a wide range of professions including but not exclusive to physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, osteopathy, applied kinesiology and traditional eastern practices.  

In this section of the online platform we will look at the techniques and philosophies utilized to both rehabilitate pain associated deficiencies and also those used to increase the performance of the athlete for limitations that do not produce pain or discomfort.  One of the more under appreciated aspects of athletic performance is the power manual therapy intervention can have on the neuromuscular (nerve and muscles) system and the ability to increase the functional range of motion and overall athletic performance of athletes.

Whether you are a student or professional in one of the many fields of physical and manual therapy or a present or potential patient we will provide you the necessary information and clinical jems to make your experience more complete.  

One of the main reasons so many golfers’ full swing technique does not improve is directly correlated to their physical capabilities (or lack there of).  Utilizing a personalized approach to manual therapy treatment can create movement efficiency in a golfer’s body that will allow them to make changes in their swing that would not be otherwise possible.  We will describe some of the more common physical limitations and give you the methods some of the world’s most respected manual therapists use to alleviate these limitations and create greater efficiency in the athlete’s body

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