Ralph Bauer

Junior Development

Ralph has spent well over 10,000 hours coaching junior golfers who have handicaps of scratch or better. Ralph really enjoys the challenge of coaching junior players and it takes a tremendous amount of experience in order to assist young players through their development to not only succeed at every age group but also to lay a great foundation to build their golfing careers around. Without success it is difficult for young players to sustain motivation and build confidence but that success needs to be woven carefully into a long term developmental strategy for each individual player.  

Area of expertise

Ralph coaches on the PGA Tour and has attended 12-16 events a year for the past few years , he specializes in not only coaching at the highest level but in bringing back the best practices of the top players in the world to the families he works with. His students have won 22 Ontario Provincial Championships which is by any standards remarkable, they have had so much success in part because Ralph instills in them world class habits at a young age.  Ralph works closely with US College Coaches to find good fits for his players and his students have attended: Harvard, Michigan, Houston, Lamar, NC State etc. and he coached an NCAA Individual Champion and Jack Nicklaus Award winner.


Ralph has a tremendous amount of experience in working with Junior Players he has coached at every level of the sport including: Major Championships, PGA Tour events, all three stages of Q-School, college events, 100’s of junior events etc. He has worked with well over a dozen PHD’s in various disciplines to expand his knowledge base, was the Asst. Coach for Team Canada, has caddied on the PGA Tour and has a relentless pursuit of knowledge and experience that he can use to assist those he works with.

What this means to you

Ralph is available to work with players on an individual basis and takes a holistic approach to assisting with their long-term development as an athlete. He is based in Toronto, Canada and has worked with players on-line from China, Singapore, Dubai etc. and has held junior golf camps throughout North America.

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