Recipes & Nutrition
Recipes & Nutrition

There seems to be a countless number of nutrition studies put out each month. Many of these studies provide conflicting results and make unjustified extrapolations that help create greater confusion for even professional nutrition consultants. It is impossible for the average person to sort through these studies and form an educated opinion on what fuel to put in their body.

Our mission is to sift through the piles of information and attempt to provide an unbiased opinion on the current understanding of nutrition as it relates to human performance.

We purposely note that this is an opinion as there is little to no definitive information available in the study of nutrition.

We can only study what we are able to find and identify. We are constantly discovering new nutrients in our food sources. Generally, the larger the nutrient the easier it is to find and study. This is a main reason the macronutrients have become such a focal point in both nutrition studies and the media’s focus. One of the main contributors to the obesity epidemic in western populations is the consumption of calorie (macronutrient) dense yet micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) poor foods. The individual eats their meal but then feels hungry as their body still requires the micronutrients needed to function. They will continue to feel hungry until receiving the needed Nutrition; even if this means they have to intake significantly more calories than they actually require.

We understand the scientific literature is confusing, especially when it pertains to nutrition. However, ignoring the information and living in ignorance is not an ideal way to maximize your performance and capabilities. As such, we will provide links, abstracts and full articles to the information we feel is most relevant and important to your health. Please read the information with an open yet scrupulous mind to help form your own decisions and guidelines as you strive for improved health. 

This section will include recipes from Council members and special guests, study reviews, original articles and videos as well as links to other valuable sources of nutrition information.

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