Golf Short Game

Short Game

Traditionally the Full Swing has garnered the majority of the attention in the media and research communities. This has led to the proliferation of theory teaching previously common to the the full swing.  

This is about to change. Our team, led by Mr. David Orr will utilize the ttechnology most commonly used by coaches and research communities for putting, this technology is courtesy of SAM PuttLab and GBD 3D Software by Dr. Rob Neal.  We will look at the different types of putters, grips and techniques. You will learn skills to read the slope and relative speed of greens.  

Each strain of grass and sand will affect the club and ball differently both at the moment of impact and as the ball approaches the hole. How do you determine the type of shot that will lead to the greatest likelihood of success? These are questions and scenarios that will be covered in the Short Game section here at the International Golf Performance Council's online home,

2014-15 PGA Tour Dates


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