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TC Radio Episode #2: David Donatucci

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Dr. Craig Davies sits down with David Donatucci, Owner/Director at the Florida Institute of Performance

00:57 - A recap of David's early years, including the time he spent with Cleveland's top sports franchises (Browns, Cavaliers, Rockers) and his role in training the cities' elite athletes - Heading South to Florida and his role at IMG Academy - David's time with Long Term Athletic Development innovator Istvan Balyi and the infancy of LTAD  - His time at the PGA of America  - Opening up shop at PGA National in 2012

04:00 - The opening of the Florida Institute of Performance at it's current location and the exciting things going on with Team FIP

06:02 - The difference between the early days of LTAD in comparison to today's LTAD and the approach being  taken with the youth of today

10:50 - The high level of success Team FIP's LPGA athletes are achieving on and off the course

15:30 - The success and continued growth of Team FIP's PGA Tour athletes including some of the young guns on his roster

18:40 - The new found difficulties in planning a playing schedule with the new wrap around schedule and the challenges facing the sports athletes 

26:00 - The pressure and adversity facing Junior Golfers 

32:00 - Training methods and approach taken with the athletes at Team FIP

34:50 - His time with Olympic Coach Andy Barnett

37:00 - Dr. Davies brings up the subject of  "Why are people not warming up before hitting balls"

38:30 - Wrap up 

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Find Dr. Craig Davies on Twitter @Coach_Davies 

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