What's The Deal with Counter Balanced Putters?
What's The Deal with Counter Balanced Putters?

written by: Sean Crogie 

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Did anyone really know what a counter balanced putter was before a few years ago? I sure didn’t. Justin Rose winning the U.S. Open at Merion Country Club in 2013 opened my eyes for sure and opened up a lot of pros eyes up with the impending anchoring ban in 2016. We love to emulate our favourite pro golfers and use the equipment they use including their putters.


If pros are using CB putters then why not us amateurs. We need the help too, right?


Ruthlessgolf.com has the best definition on just what a counterbalancing is.


Counterbalancing simply means the club builder puts more weight in the butt end of the club to offset the heavier feel of the head.


So much of this lovely game we call golf comes down to putting. You’re one up on the final hole of a heated Saturday match with your buddy or you’re trying to win your club championship. It really all comes down to making putts. 


Check the stats on PGATour.com this year and you’ll see the top golfers and winners on the tour are near the top of those all important putting stats. Strokes gained putting and putting averages have so much to do with success for the pros. Just look at Matt Every winning this week at Arnold Palmer Invitational. He made the clutch putts especially on 18 right.


Went to Ted Gallina SPi - Director of Instruction for SeeMore Putters. Ted knows a heck of a lot about putting so who better to ask a few questions about counter balanced putters.


With the upcoming USGA ban on "anchoring" has SeeMore noticed an increase in golfers both professional and amateur looking for a counter balanced version of their favourite SeeMore putter? 

We have a few SeeMore users that have a standard SeeMore putter make a purchase of a CB SeeMore putter.  The most traction we are getting with CB SeeMore putters are new customers seeking out SeeMore. Great video to view -  Watch

The great concept about a standard SeeMore putter or a CB SeeMore putter is that the “red dot” allows you to set up in the same position for every putt.  Standard SeeMore putter users already know the benefits of “hiding the red dot”.  They know what that “feeling” of a good putt should is like.  I believe sometimes people are searching for the “magical” putter without getting proper instruction and information about the putting stroke.  If you think about it a standard SeeMore putter does everything that a CB putter offers.  A CB SeeMore putter makes it even better because the user knows exactly where the ball position is supposed to be, face is always aligned to square to the intended target line.   SeeMore users have their “Secret weapon - which is RST - RifleScope Technology” This simple concept is very, very effective.


What counter balanced version of putters does SeeMore offer? 

Every putter in the SeeMore lineup (SeeMore.com) has the ability to be made into a counter-balanced putter.

What benefits will a counter balanced SeeMore offer to a golfer that struggles on the greens?

The “benefits” of a CB SeeMore putter are the same benefits of a standard SeeMore putter.  Golfers do not know how important it is to start in the same place for every single putt.  Instead of starting the same spot every time to learn what a “good putt” is supposed to feel like - they start putting “band-aids” on the putter stroke (larger grip, smaller grip, open stance, more loft, less loft, heavier putter, etc)  If they would just learn a natural set-up and staring in the same spot - their putting will be much more consistent.  Therefore a CB SeeMore or standard SeeMore gives the golfer this.


With so many counter balanced versions now offered by all the golf manufacturers (see Golf Digest 2015 Hotlist) is the counter balanced putter a passing fad or here to stay? 


I believe the CB putter is not a fad.  It is going to be here for a long time.  People are always going to be searching for the “simple answer” to putt better.  Some are going to love the CB putter and some are not.  The one thing that CB putter is getting people to do is to get in a better posture - a more natural set-up.  This is what SPi instructors have been teaching for years.  Using the fundamentals of golf to putter better.  After posture - A SeeMore putter or CB SeeMore putter takes it a step further to concentrate the other fundamentals - grip, stance, alignment.


So will counter balanced putters help out the average amateurs?


Definitely yes if you do any digging on counter balanced putters you’ll find they:

-          Help you to stop flipping your wrists

-          The extra weight helps with feel and a more stable stroke. 


Check the 2015 Golf Digest Hotlist of putters and all the major manufacturers have counter balanced versions. They may not be for everyone but there are sure lots to choose from if they fit your eye. Good luck out there!

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